What Makes ISI® Elite Training Different?

ISI® Elite Training is offering a unique experience

Let’s face it, the fitness industry doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to customer service. Memberships are almost expendable, as people try out new gyms faster than they can binge the latest Netflix show.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

ISI® Elite Training is proof-positive that you can build a community based on accountability, shared experience, camaraderie, and results. You can build a membership base that’s loyal, committed, and excited to come back day after day.

This is why our membership rates are far higher than the rest of the boutique fitness industry. The overwhelming majority of our members are enrolled in our unlimited membership rate.

Unlike the rest of the industry, ISI® Elite Training members actually use their memberships!

“Our members experience the value of their membership because we encourage them to come four times a week or more,” says Adam Rice, Founder & CEO. “And that level of consistency is rare in the fitness industry, but we do a lot to drive engagement. From the very beginning, we say we need you in here at least four times a week to get the results you’re after. Once we get them to cross that bridge of having to work out to getting to work out, they make coming to us a part of their daily routine.”


We know who our members are

One of the reasons why so many people opt out of fitness memberships is because it can be a lonely experience. Whether it’s a big box gym where the sea of equipment can feel overwhelming, or whether it’s a boutique fitness brand that offers the same workout day-in and day-out without any level of personalization.

At ISI® Elite Training, we take pride in knowing who our members are. We greet them by name when they come into our facilities. We have their birthdays showing in our lobby. Most importantly, we know what their goals are, what their fitness levels are, and because our workouts are led by certified coaches, we can provide personalized coaching in a group setting.

We don’t stop there

ISI® Elite Training has a state-of-the-art app that allows our members to book their sessions and keep track of their progress. It also allows us to keep track of their progress.

“We’re really here to make people feel better about themselves,” says Matt Junghans, Director of Corporate Facilities. “We go above and beyond to make people feel welcome. We’re excited that our members are showing up, and we greet them at the door with a big ball of energy. If you didn’t sleep too well and are coming for a 5:00 a.m. workout, or are dragging your feet after a long workday, we’re going to lift you up. We can say, ‘Hey, how was your vacation to Disney World?’ or, ‘Hey, how was the wedding you went to over the weekend?’ The more trust you gain with them, the more they are going to come back, and the more they come back, the more results they get.”

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Every so often a brand comes along that changes everything, that raises the bar, and becomes a part of the fabric of American culture. In the $22 billion boutique fitness industry, that brand is ISI® Elite Training.

We take group workouts to a whole new level

Group workouts are not a trend. In fact, they have been found to be more beneficial, more impactful, and yes, deliver more results than any other workout – and the research has long been in on this front.

“Researchers found working out in a group lowers stress by 26 percent and significantly improves quality of life, while those who exercise individually put in more effort, but experienced no significant changes in their stress level and a limited improvement to quality of life,” ScienceDaily reports.

group exercise

ISI® Elite Training represents the best of what group workouts can be. For starters, our sessions are led by nationally certified coaches. This means that our members get the expertise they need to maximize the impact of their workouts, to continue to improve, and to push themselves further.

Our sessions are also unique, because they’re designed to get people training and moving like athletes. Every session focuses on a different part of the body, which encourages members to make sessions a part of their daily routines. This means our sessions never get stale, as our workouts are never the same.

“We’re the encapsulation of what group fitness is all about,” Chris Kroger, Franchise Business Coach. “You look at our facilities, and there’s no frills. There’s four walls and 32 people who are finding out that they’re better off together. They get better results together. They get a better experience together. They can go further together. Group fitness is all about accountability and community, and that’s really baked into the core of what we do and why our members love us.”

We’re strengthening families

One of the most common reasons why people never meet their fitness goals is time. Especially for growing families, parents often have to choose between watching their kids or working out.

Imagine if that barrier was removed?

Adam Rice created ISI® Elite Training with the goal of removing that barrier for parents. As a young father of three kids, both he and his wife knew firsthand how difficult it was to workout with a growing family.

high five

ISI® Elite Training offers a kids room where kids can play while their parents work out for 50 minutes. The parents get to watch their kids on a camera or have direct visibility to the kids’ room while they’re working out to ensure their kids are safe and happy.

“This is very much a family business, and we’re very focused on family relationships,” says Adam Rice, Founder & CEO. “I wanted to remove the barriers to working out for parents of young children, because my wife and I know how difficult it can be to find the time. I don’t think you should have to choose between your health and wellness and your kids. I think the better we feel about ourselves, the better we’re able to be as parents.”

We’re building real communities

Perhaps the most important aspect of why ISI® Elite Training is growing so fast is because of the communities that we’re building.

“Building like-minded communities that hold each other accountable is what ISI® is all about,” Adam says. “It fuels the vision of where we’re going to be in 10 years with 1,500 locations across the world. The impact that our franchise owners have in their facilities is not just changing lives, they’re saving lives. We provide hope. We provide a silver lining. We provide opportunities. The impact that we’re having on mothers and fathers today will have an impact on their children’s lives. We’re creating generational change, and there’s nothing more important than that.”

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